Do’s and Don’ts in Fashion


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Every day you’re going to be faced with fashion do’s and don’ts. There are critics around every corner and on every soap box. I will be the first person to tell you to not listen to that crud. Do yourself a favor and ignore them. We’re being told not to wear this because it will make us look fat. Or not to wear a certain color because it’s not good for our skin tone. Que?

This is not the true meaning of fashion! I’m here to help you out and give you the fashion do’s and don’ts you really need! Just so you know I love all of these but #10 is my favorite!

  • #1 DON’T be afraid to break the “fashion rules.” Remember…rules were meant to be broke!
  • #2 DON’T let fear get the best of your outfits. Fashion is supposed to be fun!
  • #3 DO wear bright colors and bold prints. Be daring! There’s nothing to be scared of
  • #4 DON’T be scared to show some skin. Try the cut out trend, a crop or sheer top, or that leg-baring maxi dress.
  • #5 DON’T criticize what other women are wearing. This is my major pet peeve! We need to support each other.

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